#3 Type design

In this lesson you will design three glyphs, based on an already designed one: a lowercase g.
This glyph is part of a typeface that i am working on for a few years now. So it will be interesting to see what kind of design solutions you will come up with!

Design 3 glyphs, chosen from the word: Hamburgevons.
This word is used by typedesigners for assessing the design of a typeface. Look for more info on this HERE.
Your glyphs should form a consistent family, together with the given lowercase g!

Use this Illustrator document for designing your glyphs.

Present your designs as one word, together with the given g.
Use black for the glyphs, this gives a good focus on the shape itself.

Inspiration/ tip
Have a look at the Netflix documentary series Abstract/ Jonathan Hoefler: Typeface design. (if you already saw it, look at again. You will discover and learn more and more!)
When designing keep in mind: overshoot, balance and (anisotropic) contrast (Abstract: 2’00” – 4′:10″).

FontLab is a professional type design program. It is complex and expensive but THE tool for professional type designers. On the FontLab site you can find more type related programs.

Maybe GLYPHS is an alternative. Here you can download a 30 days trail. The basic version (Glyph Mini) can be bought with a 50% student discount for €25,-.
(Mind: I am not sure if this is a one year licence or longer!)

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