#1 – year 2

Helvetica versus Arial.

First of all, read the article Pirates and Clones, from Just my Type.
Typography has a lot to do with details. At first you would probably say that Helvetica and Arial are identical. In this first assignment we will research on that.

1_Create an illustrator A3 portrait document.
2_Create in one layer the alfabet using uppercase, lowercase numbers and a set punctuation marks, with Helvetica regular. Color: 100% cyaan.
It should look something like this:

3_Create an other layer on top, exactely the same but now using Arial regular. Color 100% magenta and set it the transparency to normal > 50%.
4_Now you should see the differences between the fonts.
5_In order to put the glyphs more exactly over eachother, turn the fonts into outlines, and adjust the individual position when needed.

6_Pick one uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one punctuation mark (Helvetica and Arial), and create for each glyph an A3 portrait document (Illustrator), in which you show the difference between the fonts. Choose the most outstanding differences! Color: free
So that is in total 4x an A3.
7_Write a small post on the blog iamfuturelab.com/2020GID.
In this post you include the four A3 designs you created. Post it in the category: student work – your teacher
Also add in the same way the tag: type force year 2
(make sure to write it exactely like this, so we can create later on a complete collection of all the typography projects).

Good luck!

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