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I shared my work with Cristina Balta (student from 4th year) and asked about a feedback and tips. My questions and her answers:

Me: Does my Lockdown activity diary made some impact of the way you think about the quarantine? If so what? 

Cristina: I think everyone experienced the Quarantine in a different way, but your diary really inspired me to look at things in a positive light. I thought it would be very hard for most people but after reading your diary I realised that most people found their peace in this “forced” time off.

Me: Do you think I chose to separate my data in the correct categories? Would you separate the data into different ones? 

Cristina: I think that you separated the data in the right way since it’s about the things that you found important in the day to day life.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to draw attention to after seeing my first lockdown activity post?

Cristina: I really like the way the gifs tell a story of their own (for example the one where you are watching Netflix and you can see how the days goes by, by seeing the different things on the table). Maybe you can share more about how exactly one thing affected you. For example how eating hello fresh changed the way you live?

Processing feedback

Cristina gave me an idea for the infographics. She wanted to see more of how these changes affected me. Since my whole project was focused on the Gif-presentation, I made my infographics the same way.

One of the biggest changes from Hello Fresh is how we started saving money. In the beginning the amount that we were paying weekly for Hello Fresh seemed to be a lot. But later we noticed that we actually spend less. Before we were doing the groceries almost everyday. Now we pay only once a week. So the money seems to be s lot at once but it is actually lees in the end.

The second biggest change was how much time we started saving because of ordering Hello Fresh: The first clock represents how much time it used to take us before we knew what to cook for each day. The second one is about how often we used to do shopping. Almost everyday. We used to spend a lot of time on that. The third clock is about how often we used to cook food for more than just one day. And often this food was getting rotten before we could finish it. The last one is about how it use to take us so much time to cook one meal.

Since we have Hello Fresh we could “throw away” all these clocks and save so much time. We have a menu for the whole week that we pick so we don’t have to think about what to eat everyday. We don’t have rotten food anymore, because we can choose for how many people we would like the recipes to be. So the products are exactly the amount we need. Finally in every recipe it shows how much time is needed for the preparation. So it is easy to manage the time and choose which recipe is suitable for the day, based on how much time we have.

Next big change was how we started eating balanced. For each day every week we have a day for fish, vegetarian, meat, pasta or pizza.

Another big change was how this food started influencing our health. We noticed that we changed in a better way. We felt better from inside, but we also saw a difference on the outside.

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  1. Interesting research so far. Nice illustrations. The gif’s help telling a story. But a good infographic doesn’t need any additional explanation. So they have to be clear without you explaining what is there to see. Maybe you could try to create them in a way that they communicate what is there to communicate. You could integrate short text and/or make the illustration more communicating. Take a look at https://www.in60seconds.nl/

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