#6 Reflection – Final to do’s of this semester – mandatory

This post contains important information for the final assessment.

Hi graphic designers, this is your last assignment for this semester.

What: make a visual report of your study process this semester.

a. which assignments did you work on – choose one crucial image of each project. Could be the final product or an important learning moment.
b. what did you learn – describe in a few lines.
c. what did you find most interesting/challenging – describe and use at least three images to support this.
d. what are your learning goals for semester 5

Purpose: make your process clear to someone who is unfamiliar with your work
Structure: chronological
Post it on the blog, by using the category ‘#6 reflection’
Your post then will be visible here.
Deadline for posting: June 14 / 5 p.m.

What: presentation of your report to 2 teachers
Duration: 5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes feedback/ max 15 minutes in total.
How: MS Teams
When: 15/16 June (details follow)

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