Upload instructions letter project

This is a new upload instruction for the letter-a-week project.
It consists of two parts!

1_create a blog post like you are used to. Use the category: ‘student work #4 type force’. This makes your post visible under: #4 Type Force > student work > student work
This post contains an overview of your process and sketches.

2_go to media library and choose one of your designed letters. of course the one you consider your best one, click the image and a new screen will open. At the right bootom you will see: category: Q – a letter a week and H – a letter a week. Check the right box and save the image. That is it!

You should now see your design here: #4 Type Force > student work > Q (or use this link to go there)

2 thoughts on “Upload instructions letter project

  1. Dear Gerard, my letter still won’t show in the post after i carefully followed your instructions (and checked the box). And from what i can see in your screenshot, it can Upload To > letter project: Q while mine cant. Let me know if i did something wrong 🙂

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