Letter p

For this week’s letter, I decided to implement the feedback from Geja and my classmates and create a more contrasting and vibrant image and work in a more abstract way.

For the first one I got inspired by the Rolling Stones logo. I was thinking of the word “open” and figured out than when you say it out loud your mouth opens in this way.
For this one I decided to go for the same bright colour scheme as the previous one and create another body part which can be open- the eye. I took the advise from Huy to use more contrasting colours and got inspired by the design he had for one of his letter where he also used to image of an eye.
For the last letter I decided to take a completely different approach while still keeping the same colour palette and feeling. I was thinking of ways to literally open the letter and went for opening it as if it was a jar or some sort of a container.

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