(de-)contruct (post 1)

Based on deconstruction and reconstruction techniques, what would a collection of graphic translations of ordinary objects look like if it were to play around with the visual dialect of the recipient?
A collection of poetic translations that investigates the subject as information or story and simultaneously questions the relationship between text and image.

•Phase 1: Archive: gather relevant material (week 1 – 2).
•Phase 2: deconstruction: information vs. story, text vs. image. (week 2 – 8).

•Phase 3: reconstruction: prototypes (week 8 – 12). The grammar of the receiver kicks in. Use a medium as visual language

•Phase 4: elaborate prototype (week 12 – 16).

#1 Assignment (Phase 3)
Reconstruct and make prototypes! How?

  • experiment with computer programs, try programs that are new for you
  • experiment with structures
  • get to work with boxes, see what you’ve got
  • take pictures, scan, draw
  • use what’s available: paper, garbage, outside/inside
  • draw inspiration from music, film, series, web, etc.
  • get a wallpaper roll and fill it endlessly
  • etc

Post at least 5 of your reconstructions and write a short explanation for every post.

For additional help/tips/inspiration, you can always contact Harold, Lisa and Hendrik

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