NEW! covid-19 diary categories

A category is a collection of people or things with the same characteristics

Apply 5 categories to all the data you’ve collected so far. Categories can be very diverse; think of color, composition, content, contrast, structure etcetera.

Post the following:
1_A visualisation of each category in 10 images on 1 landscape A4. In the end you have 5 x an A4, per category 1. Post all 5 visualisations
2_A description about which 5 categories are involved and why (per visualization)
3_Drafts for an infographic of the 5 categories. You can use only one category or make a combination. Of course describe why you choose the categorie(s). Post a minimum of 5 drafts.
4_Contact a classmate and discuss your work. Process this feedback in your post. Who have you spoken to, what have you discussed and which feedback did you received?
5_Include 3 questions you need an answer to by us or any other classmate.

DEADLINE april 19, 11PM

If you’r stuck always contact a classmate first. 
Do you really need to talk to us earlier, please contact us by email, and we’ll try to place you in our schedules (on Monday or Tuesday). Harold, Lisa and Hendrik are al so available for feedback (sent them an email)

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